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                                                All made with pride in America!!!


Click on Delco, Farleys, Whitco ( above ) to see some Good old fashioned, reliable American made and designed pressure washers.  Made in Arkansas since 1975. I call Arkansas the pressure washer capital of the world.  

 From the very first day I was 5 years old, I seen my dad hauling these pressure washers in the back of his 10 ft. metallic green Chevy stepvan, it was then I knew this is what I want to do.

I really admired these very odd looking pieces of equipment and the whole concept at an early age. After high school I started, I would sit for hours figuring them out and bettering myself at hydro technology, And how to service customers needs in a simple way.  

 I still have some old  Delco, Citation, and Mel sears (MSMC Kleanline) brochures from 1972, 75.

My dear father (Tom) , passed away on  May 11th of  2011.  A ( DAV) Korean War veteran 1950 - 55. US Navy.     He will be missed by all who new him.                   

 Tom - an outstanding father, proud war vet, a chemist, a hydrotechnician, a history lover, musician, and just a great guy to talk to.


FLAWLESS & SMOOTH performance is what a BELT DRIVE pressure washer offers.   NO " fancy un-needed electrical gadgets or extra parts"  to complicate usage on these units !!! 

Horizontal Oil fired model ( Stainless model shown in the background )  - An original American design, and the oldest and most proven design in pressure washers. I have customers who have been running these 5 to 8 hours a day 6 days a week for 10 years straight.  Gravity feed water tank, keeps pump primed at all times, no dry start ups.    Simple design, easy to use, and when service on it is needed, these "MADE IN USA"  washers are back in business in no time !!!.  These are for heavy everyday use in all industries.  These machines are made ( in house ) and have the best heating coils. Farleys is still a family owned manufacturing co. and has many models to choose from. Nothing fancy and pretty, just a good rugged machine.

FARLEYS DELCO WHITCO uses only the longest chosen pump in the industry,  "General/Interpump."   They use the  big  TS series 47 ( the Cadillac of pressure wash pumps) on the horizontal models, and the new TX series 63 on the compact models.

You can also order any other brand pump ( Comet, AnnoviReverberi, Giant, Cat ) with your washer if you preferred. ( Total price of unit may differ )