Lance Chemical Works & Pressure Wash Supply


Welcome to Lance Chemical Works.       SINCE 1972


 Our business focuses on anything to do with cleaning. Since 1972 my family (Father), has been Formulating Detergents and Selling & Servicing Hot water Cleaning Systems for Heavy Industries. Industrial grade - portable, stationary, skid mount ( trailer mount). Oil, NG & LP Heated, 120 to 460 volt electric, gasoline, or diesel driven. 2.0 to 10 GPM. Pressures from 800 to 5000 PSI., and Hydrosteam cleaners @ 275 degrees & 300 PSI.  We are experts in the field of hot water pressure washers &  we service what we sell.

   First in the Wyoming Valley area to bring portable hot water high pressure cleaners !!! 

 Add my new Water Softening System to your pressure washer for "mineral free" wash water. Wash with soft water. Also protects your

 heating coil from hard water mineral build up!  

 Did you know that plain Water ( H2O )  is a chemical ?   Yep :     Dihydrogen Oxide

We know what type of cleaning system and detergent is best for your use. We can customize detergents for your needs. I "custom order"  pressure washers. The type of Pressure Pump I like, the type of parts that I know will work for the way you are going to be using your washer, even the colors I like.  I can have it customized in many ways per your request.

My father introduced  MSMC kleanline, Citation, hot high pressure washers here in 1970 - 72, Delco and Whitco in 75-78. It used to be old Steam Jennys with only like 200 PSI  before that.  He was an expert in repairing the old Steam Jennys. Infact, he was the only one to introduce a ( high pressure 1000 psi ) washer that made hot water in wyoming valley. They also called him the "steam man". My father was taught by a top "hydro technician" ( That means high pressure water use) that was an "elite" US Navy mechanic.  He was also certified by a chemist for detergent formulating at a big well known company in Philadelphia, to formulate his own cleaning products by 1972.

4.0 GPM @ 2000 PSI Stainless industrial series. Built for a lifetime. No other manufacturer can compare to this simple made quality.      American Original Design !!!